5 Tips for a Successful Wedding Crowdfunding Campaign

successful wedding crowdfunding campaign

You’ve seen all the crazy ideas that have been successfully funding using crowdfunding, but have you ever thought about using it to offset some of the costs of one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day?

Now how do you convince your friends and family to help you fund your wedding or honeymoon? Here are 5 Tips for a Successful Wedding Crowdfunding Campaign:

1. Setup your campaign! Explain what you are going to use the money for and share a little bit about yourself and your fiance. Be sure to include your awesome engagement photos if you’ve already taken them OR you could even set up of a campaign FOR engagement photos 😉 Crowdfunding is still a relatively new concept, so be sure to include lots of keywords like “help us fund our dream wedding”, and “instead of a wedding gift” so that even Great Aunt Sally will understand why you want her to donate money.

2. Email the campaign to your friends, family, coworkers, basically everyone you know. Try to personalize each email a little to make your friends and family feel included in the wedding/honeymoon planning process. Plus they will be more likely to think your email isn’t spam (ie. Great Aunt Sally) if you include a personalized message. Plus you are asking them for money so you should always try go out of your way to be nice to them since you are asking them to do something nice for you.

3. Share your campaign on social media. This is especially useful for the friends and family that you don’t know their email addresses. Plus your friends can share your post with their friends. Who knows, you might get donations from people you’ve lost touch with or friends of friends who found your campaign so compelling that they want to help as well.

4. Don’t forget to include your crowdfunding campaign in the gift registry section of your wedding invitations. Not everyone might be on board with the idea of crowdfunding, but this way you can give your guests the option to crowdfund in lieu of a physical gift.

5. Cool perks – Everybody loves free gifts. Let your friends and family know what they will get in return for donating. It could be as simple as a dinner invitation after you get back to from your honeymoon, a personalize (small) gift, or explain how your wedding is going to even more awesome because of the (fill-in-the-black) you’ll be able to afford if you reach your goal.

Have any other tips? Feel free to leave us a comment!